Saturday, September 24, 2011

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Tour Date - Saturday, 24 September
Theme - Punctuality Is Necessary Or Overrated?  

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Hmmmmmmmmm, my pet peeve.

I like punctuality, the word itself, the sound of it and the very existence of it.

For me in my life, punctuality is never over rated and it is an actual need.

For my Kindergarteners, it means being there for a full day - from the ease of transition from home to school and not having the feeling of being "left out".  So many kids come to school late missing that very important  transition period and begin their day feeling very disjointed. Not a good feeling to have first thing in the morning at age five.

For my family, punctuality means you'd better be dead in a ditch somewhere if you're late. As a wife and a mother of drivers, that feeling in the pit of your stomach when they're late knows no comparison. I have a very fertile and active imagination and the things that go through my mind when someone does not show up on time would be enough to supply Stephen King with fresh new material.

You know, what's funny? This blog tour is about punctuality and I'm probably the last one to post, but it's in before 12 noon! So I'm not late!!

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