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An Indian

"India Was One" is a book that asks "What if this is possible?" A very unique and novel idea from the novelist who goes by the name An Indian. Very fitting as this book was written for Indians every where by an Indian. 

I am Indian by ancestry and though I have never visited Mother India, this book paints very vivid imagery of India. The author very vividly describes local foods, customs, clothing and festivals religious or not to enhance the reader's enjoyment and understanding of the story. 

The story takes the reader from the rain washed mountains, to the misty jungles, to treacherous cliffs, to the much loved chaos that is Mumbai, to the organized highways of San Francisco to the beautiful European countryside and back again. 

Each new chapter begins with a beautifully done pencil drawing of a symbol of the chapter, adding to the visuals. 

At the heart of the book is a story of true love, friendship, family loyalty, love of country and personal heartbreak. 

The main characters meet, fall in love and no this is not a boy meet girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy loses girl story. This is a story of two friends falling in love, starting a life together and then finding each other amidst the turmoil and upheaval of their beloved homeland torn into two. 

The chemistry between these two characters falls easily into one of camaraderie and deep love. Jai's demeanor lets us see why Kaahi a strong independent thinker of a woman (certainly not your average meek Indian girl) would fall in love with him. 

When their country is ripped apart, their hearts are ripped alongside it and they put their lives on hold to try to understand what could have gone wrong with an entire nation. This book also shows the tenacity and power of the determined Indian population who once was able to wiggle out from under the firm British ruling thumb. 

At the very climatic end the author interweaves the story with a twist of fate where one of the characters of the story emerges a hero. 

The author poses a question to us the reader "What is being an Indian to me?" 

"An Indian lies in the eyes of the beholder…what you choose to see. 

You can travel the length and breadth of India, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Mumbai to Kolkota, and not see a single Indian. You will see Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, etc. You will see Maharashtrians, Gujaratis, UPites, Biharis, Bengalis, Tamils, Telugus, Malayalis, etc. 

Or you will see Indians." 

Nadia Sahari 

I started "Breakaway: How I Survived Abuse", with many questions in my mind. How did she do it? How did she get the courage to survive? How did she know when to leave? How did manage with kids? How did she get so brave? How did she maintain her sanity? 

Nadia Sahari's book has answered all my questions and many more. I finished this book filled with admiration, humility and new found courage. 

This very vivid and poignant book is written with honesty and a refreshing outlook. It may have taken Nadia many years to complete this book as we know it, but what she describes is relevant now to the modern woman struggling to cope with every kind of abuse. 

Nadia speaks from the heart about her fears, her torment, her wishes, her dreams, her imaginations, her desires, her hopes, her needs and above all her soul, and they are not any different from what any other child, girl, daughter, woman, mother, wife would want. 

In finding the courage to finally break away, Nadia finds herself and in giving forgiveness, she has found her freedom. 

She doesn't leave the reader to fend for herself, Nadia had provided a wealth of knowledge, information and resources at the end of her book. Nadia has offered of herself to give to anyone and anything who might need a safe haven. 

"Here's your chance to ponder deeply On the things you're going to do By the hour, day, or weekly-- Many things or just a few. Think of children, helpless babies, Think of women suffering, too. They need commitment, not just maybe's. Who will help them if not you?" 

By Wayne Kernochan

As always Wayne Kernochan has me chomping at the bits for more. Vividly written and lived, Black Dark : A Hell's Kitchen Memoir shows us Wayne as more mature and confident. 

Wayne comes face to face with even more evil and darkness and in doing so has to make the most difficult decisions to keep his loved ones safe. We see Wayne as loving, protective person who would prefer to have his beloved hate him rather than see her dead. 

Wayne also comes in touch with mobster elite and quickly realizes how deep he has become embroiled in organised crime. Using all the resources available to him, he somehow makes it out to tell the tale. 

But his saga certainly continues and we look forward to the next installment. 


Chaitram Singh

This book takes the reader onto a journey back in time. To a time of turbulence, corruption, fixed elections, philandering top officials and a country of people willing to stand up and die for justice. 

Written in a style easy to understand and read, Chaitram Singh's "The Flour Convoy" is a thought provoking and bold book about life in Guyana. At the time when the Guyanese people were faced with the dire need of basic food necessities the corruption came from the very top of command. There is a Guyanese saying frequently repeated in this book that is so apt for the events that take place. "Hand wash hand makes hand come clean"

Singh's characters are likable and real and very human. His main character is the epitome of goodness,   decency and hard work with a family and beliefs that support and love him. The descriptions of places and events recall many memories of the same places and I have chuckled many a time over the hilarious shenanigans by the officers. Guyanese hospitality, behaviors and language is certainly portrayed in this book. 

Read and meet Torani, Eveready, people like Mentore, Beharry, Agrippa and of course Moore. A gripping read from the beginning to its climatic end. 

"Yet, if you say anything, you'll get into trouble;if you don't, it will eat your insides to admit that you're bowing to basic survival instincts." 

Wayne Kernochan

Years ago in Guyana, when I was about eleven years old, my family and I lived in Onderneeming Compound on the Essequibo Coast. Onderneeming was known for the "Boys' School". A reform school for delinquent boys run by the Guyanese government. We're told by our parents to never, EVER talk to the boys who were allowed outside. They had a watchdog system off record to make sure the boys did not come in close contact with the officers' children. But we were invited to their Christmas shows and movie nights. Some of the boys were allowed to do yard work in our compound. Every Saturday afternoon we would take over my mom's breads, cakes and rolls for the boys to put into their humongous oven. Never once did we talk to them. That was the extent of my experience with "bad boys".

Wayne Kernochan's book A Life Gone Awry: My Story of the Elan School has certainly opened my eyes to a life alien to me. Never in my wildest dreams and I've had many, would I ever come across a tumultuous life as young Wayne has endured. In reading this book, I paused more than once appalled at the atrocities and mind boggling treatment these young lives suffered. 

Wayne has once again laid bare his deepest fears, monsters, trials, shame and he does it with the most honest voice. He faces his own soul searching and orientation during his stay in Elan. His description of the events that happened in the basement of the house in Brooklyn and the events leading up to his eventual stay in Elan is tastefully done and leaves the reader to his imagination as this book is about Elan and not about Wayne himself.

The dedication of this book to all the victims of such schools is heart wrenching and brings tears to the eyes as   each of  these victims was once someone's child.

Read it and spread the word about Elan School.

Wayne Kernochan

At times sad, at others angry, yet at others bold and sexy, Street life:My story remains brutally honest. This is the most honest book I have read in a long time.

With sharing his story with the public, Wayne Kernochan has laid bare his soul and his body for all to see and I bet it was as soul cleansing for him to write about this as was his decision to come clean.

Life on the streets is never easy, even more so on the tumultuous streets of New York City. Wayne shares with us, the rawness, the dirt, the spiral descent into and eventual rise from his drug use, prostitution, pornography and mental disarray. 

Young Wayne does eventually come around and decides to get treatment for his addictions by which ever means possible and that he does, even if it meant using the emergency room as a revolving door. 

For after all, "What trouble could I get in driving a cab in New York City?"

Obviously a great read for the more mature reader.

Joanne Buchanan

I read this book and experienced a whole new world of magic, fantasy, demons, heroes,legends and fantastical creatures. 

Joanne Buchanan wrote this spell binding tale of the coming of age of a youngling. Jonah is sent away to live with his grandparents without being told a deep secret concerning his future. He is resentful at first and learns to find acceptance, friendship,his destiny and true love. 

Jonah learns some of life's hardest lessons any young person has ever had to come across and he excels them with grace and determination. He is faced both the good and evil sides of the universe and he rises to heroism with the grace of his powers. 

The development of the creature invites the reader to witness the demise of a persona of such evil that it is akin to King himself. 

Five stars is given to this book for the way the author wove her story telling with poetic descriptions of spirituality and emotions. 

"We all have those, the points where the line between reality and dreams blur. They still our hearts and make us all feel the warmth from within. They spark the angel within all of us and make us not only want, but need, to be better than we ever thought possible." 


Steve Piacente 

Danny doesn't stand a chance the minute Bella entered his life stepping deliberately with her pearl heeled pumps. He was a goner and he knew it and more importantly Bella knew it first. 

Daniel Patragno had a reasonable sort of life, a reporter job in a small newspaper, a home, a wife he adored, a son whose vocabulary far exceeded the expectations of his first grade teacher, good friends and peace of mind. 

Bella entered his life and suddenly Danny can’t seem to find which way is up. He is taken on a topsy turvy ride across states trying to help Bella come to terms with her husband’s death. 

Bella is one of those women we just love to hate while at the same time wishing we were just a bit like her. 

In this fast paced caper, Danny is confronted by his vulnerabilities and his passion and his ethics. Told in the first person, this novel gives great insight into the man/woman relationship from a man’s perspective. Something few women are privy to. 

Danny finds out that there is always a dear price to pay for things and he pays with interest in more ways than one. 

A very well written, witty read for the lover of conspiracy, romance and action. 

This is wonderfully written adventure book for the young reader. The story telling is shared by three characters, Nadia in the first person, the truant and the teacher. The cross telling of the story works well as the reader gets the version through the eyes of each of them. 

Dennis Mews tells his children's story in a style reminiscent of the author so loved by many - Enid Blyton. I was enthralled from the first page. 

Adventure, camping, danger, naughty boys and girls, with a hint of magic makes this a must read for every child who loves the outdoors and nature. 

As with any good children's book, there is a lesson to be learnt here and the coming of age of the main character bears well. 


Between by Mary Ting

“Between” continues the love saga of Claudia and Michael. And what a love story it is. A love that is pure, selfless and true between two beings so perfect for each other.

Mary Ting brings the trials of true love to the forefront with her well written spell of Claudia’s and Michael’s devotion, dedication and desire for each other.

As with all love stories, there are the forces against them and “Between” does not fail to provide an abundance of obstacles to the ill fated lovers. Be prepared for a ride of betrayals, romance, danger, battles, action, friendship, heartache and death.

We follow Claudia’s journey to fulfilling her destiny and her new found powers and abilities. “Between” opens new explanations, beings, places, dimensions and loves. Unexpected twists and turns bring out the humane side of the beings in way that make tears stream down your face. I fell in love all over again.

Mary Ting has done it again and now I simply can’t wait for the third installment of this saga. Bring out the tissues as this makes for a good cry.

Three Best Friends

This is a book written for children by an author who understands the dynamic of childhood friendship. 
Three Best Friends is all about best friends who look out for each other and care and enjoy being together. 
This hilarious early chapter book is easy to relate to and follow. The typical second grade behaviors are ingrained throughout the book. First love, princesses, evil, stinky bathrooms, storytelling, playtime, sleepovers along with obedience to parents and teachers. A very good book to help reinforce good manners and morals in the growing child. 
Too often our children are shoved out of their innocence by many outside forces and it is refreshing to know that books such as "Three Best Friends" will be around to help foster and maintain the innocence of our growing children. 

One minus though - illustrations through out the book would add to the hilarity and message of the story. 

Another great book from author Mary Ting. 

Across the Veil

This story packs everything a novel would have into 26 pages. Deceit, magic, love, supernatural beings, adventure, despair, romance, oh my! 

A delightful tale for everyone. As an author of children's books I can see the story as one for every little girl who gets her prince charming (with some editing) and as a reader of YA books, I can see this developed into a full length novel to delight every teen who reads it.

Lisa has told this story very well for a fast read that leaves us panting and hankering for more.

I can see why it would win any award!

Darwin's Children

I read this book and thought, this is fun! The story centers around a teen aged superhuman who is about to come into her power. 

Surrounded by the other super humans in her immediate family, our heroine is taught, nurtured, comforted and supported through out her ordeals. 
She is guided to become friends with another superhuman who is unaware of her own powers. Both are beautiful girls in their own right although awkward in their social skills - which is not uncommon for most teen aged girls who do go through their teen years feeling much the same. They both come of age in their own ways and build a sense of family for each. 

The author's explanation of the reason for the super human abilities of the characters is believable, scientific and plausible. For the most part, the majority of our population have had some inkling of a sixth sense in our own personalities and this book tells of the possibilities, the imagine thats, and the what ifs. 

Although a slow beginning, Darwin's Children is a great read that finishes with a tumultuous climax. I am guessing there is a second book coming after this one that I can't wait to read. 

Word to parents - heavy petting, rape and violence. 

The Mystery of Hurtleberry House (The Reboot Files, #1)

The Reboot Files #1 is the first book in the Christian Paranormal genre that I have ever read. It is refreshing in its content and follows the trials of a strong, intelligent, sesquipedalian Christian heroine in her first assignment for a Christian TV show.

While reading this book I was very often reminded of the detective solving skills of that famous young detective we all love so much, Nancy Drew.

This is a whodunit with a comical twist. A real surprise. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the file drawer.

This book will be a favorite among both Christian and non Christian youth as there much to be gained from this story. As a parent of a sixteen year old, I would feel very comfortable having her read this one.


Crossroads is a book that I think is the ultimate Young Adult book. It is a book I would have my own 16 year old read. It offers great romance and faith based living. It follows a young girl raised by a single mom and a caring Gamma(a name my kids also used)who comes of age in the most remarkable way.

Filled with star crossed lovers, fantastical creatures, good friends, beautiful places and evil, this book is an easy read. This easy to follow plot is full of twists, turns, surprises and battles which in this reviewer's opinion is extremely important (since I usually find battles hard to follow in a book and would skip them.) The author told us the story without extreme attention to the surroundings (too often I encounter books which have pages dedicated to the description of the surroundings - which I usually skip also). Her descriptions of the settings in the book were enough to teleport us there to continue the enjoyment of the story.

The characters are likable and well developed. Mary ting's explanation of the half breeds sounds plausible and real. Their hierarchy very real and keeping with the Christian faith.

Crossroads is one of the few books I have read that I couldn't until I got to the end. I had to see what would happen and now I can't wait for the sequel!

Evolution of Insanity
The Evolution of Insanity is a collection of tales, stories, and fables about a variety of beings. Imagine for a moment you are able to stop and listen, see, witness and understand a segment of the lives of a collection of beings - Gods, godlike, god hating and god wannabes, the dead, the living, the fictional, the alien, male, female, the young and the old.
Stories that would have you believe that Santa was killed, "tongue in cheek" stories, stories intermingled with intellectual descriptions of body functions, of the human despair and condition. Stories like the one about a long suffering psychiatrist finding his "emotional wastebasket", Adam and Eve personas, Herman of whom we all know one of, the passing of the torch of thoughts and observation as depicted in "London in the Mind". Stories that enlighten us about the complexities of the interrelationships between the opposite sexes.

Haresh Daswani is a complex writer who writes with intellectual wit and philosophy interlaced with humor.
“We are all insane who hide in rooms further making us insane”.

A great read!

My very first review: TaDah!!!

Not Before Bed - and other stories by Craig Hallam

This is a free ebook by indie author Craig Hallam

OMG - From the first word I was hooked. Quite a semblance of "tales from the darksidesque" stories to definitely not read before bedtime. Each story stands on its own. Very well written and delivered. I feel I should be paying for this collection. I would definitely read more from this author. Great job.

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