Monday, May 14, 2012

Be the Change

I've always had profound admiration for all things Gandhi. His story moved me and in his quiet resolute way made me think about the many things I've encountered in this my life journey.

Every one has the innate need to be remembered long after they're gone. I would hate to know that my life lived was all in vain. 

This quote seems to be the one to get me off my behind and do something.

What can one simple woman do with limited resources and a severe case of the "Don't do it'itis"?

I've decided that I can't possibly traipse all over the world in search of things to "Be the change..." to. I can't even begin to spend money I don't have on others. (Try living off a private school teacher's salary and that being the only income in a household of seven people, with two soon to be three kids in college).

I can't share my time volunteering anywhere as I do have obligations in said household.

So what's a girl to do to make "Be the change"?

I look around myself, my job and my domicile and the answer is clear and apparent.

To "Be the change....", I need to start with myself. Duh you say, but scoff not. We forget our purpose in this life and we get entrapped in the "glamour" of people, things, events, social media and other fascinating, yet trivial pursuits. Remember that game? Trivial, yes trivial. Mind blowing drivel and time wasting mind play. Yet we become embroiled in such. 

Sometimes, it becomes mandatory to step back and look within and evaluate and critique the person hiding behind your own smile. 

Who are you and what are you doing in this time and part of your life?
What will you change today?
Where are you going in this direction you're headed?
When will you get there?
How will you accomplish your journey?
Who will benefit from such a journey?
Why do you want others to benefit, or not to benefit?

Tough questions to ask of self, especially as I stare my mortality in the face.

To be the change, Gandhi is not asking us to stormily take the world, but to take the world. Be the best person you can be. Start with your world and yourself.

Love yourself.
Be kind to yourself.
Forgive yourself.
Take care of yourself.
Be good to yourself.
and the list continues....

When you are the best person to yourself, you will be the best child, the best daughter, the best friend, the best best student, the best employee, the best fiance, the best spouse, the best parent, the best grandparent.

The ripple effect from all of these duties will be felt in every aspect of your life and every human you touch simply by being the best you.

We can't change the world....
"Be the change you wish to see in the world"