Books Written by me

I have written many books, all except one has been published. They are waiting for a publisher, illustrations or for me to release them. I have a list of books that are labelled works in progress. One day soon I will finish them. When you spring clean a brain, things don't always come out organised.

My first book published is an ebook on the kindle and nook for children. It is a picture read aloud book set in rural Guyana. This book was vibrantly illustrated by my very talented sister, Swafeha Khan.

The Rice Bag Hammock is a book that takes its readers on the journey of an ordinary burlap bag. It makes its way from holding freshly harvested rice to becoming the center of playground, family life, community and everyday activities.
Told in a lyrical voice and filled with vibrant detailed illustrations of scenic Guyanese countryside, The Rice Bag Hammock is a picture book for all ages. 

Here are reviews of the book

Goodreads author Mary Ting wrote:
This wonderful story tells how a simple burlap bag is transformed into a hammock, handmade by a man named Aja. Each page shows the usage of the hammock and every page refers back to the man who made it. Even though there was only one sentence per page, the author’s descriptive words on how the hammock was used was perfect. The story is in a pattern format and the ending broke away from the pattern, which I enjoyed reading the unexpected. It ended by going back to the beginning. Being a mother and a kindergarten teacher, I would recommend this book to all the parents and teachers. This book is not only an attention grabber, but educational as well. A teacher can use this book and create a thematic unit. I recommend this book to all readers!!!

Goodreads author Haresh Daswani wrote:

If you want a story to tell to children, with beautiful, notstalgic pictures. This book has to be in the bookshelf.

It depicts a friendly, serene rural life that a child can have pleasant dreams of. It gives a sort of calming comfort to the child, and is a friendly read.

There are times when I worry about what books have been accepted to the realm of children's books, and it is comforting to know that there are still books like these that we can share as a gift to a friend's child, our own children (well, except me), and perhaps something to donate to libraries.

It was very enjoyable, and even more so for people who want to read a good night story for their children.