Saturday, October 9, 2010


They say having children is a blessing. A blessing ....let me count the ways.
they say children bring you joy,
they say children bring you pride
they say children bring you youth
they say children bring you longevitiy

I have five children, four girls and one boy.
There are times when I am glad when they are gone for the weekend to visit grandma. There are times when I'm absolutely happy that school's been reopened. There are times when I'm elated that the neighbors kids come calling so they would go outside for awhile. There is every night when I'm just satisfied that they're in their beds.

I try to be a good mother, I really really do, but then there are the times when I think "blessing, really?!"
Sometimes they are my trial
Sometimes they are my disappointment
Sometimes they are on my last nerve
Sometimes they are my frustration
Sometimes they are my stroke/ heart attack pending or patience ending inducing meltdown

But then I think to when I was tasting the bitter morning bile when ever I threw up, the inside movements that only I could enjoy, the strong kicks and nudges and cravings and sciatica and .....

they are a blessing

they are my pride
they are my joy
they are my loyality
they are my longevity
they are my smiles
they are my jokes
they are my youth
they are my loves


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