Friday, March 9, 2012

Bibi Part Deux

Here we go again with the Bibi name. Please feel free to revisit the blog post from June 2011 ~  Bibi

It has been a while since I've blogged and I've missed doing so. I've decided to re open or re hatch the discussion of the name thing. Most people when they choose the name to be given to their offspring, chose names they think will be the best one for their new person.

I was given the very pretty and unusual name of Shaeeza. Well, it is my official middle name with Bibi as my first name, but that is the subject of another blog post mentioned afore. I gently suggest you read it so the rest of what I say would make some kind of sense. I was thusly named Shaiza, so spelt by the registrars who thought it very unwise to have the parents of babies born in the British colonies fill out official name forms. Many a sad story has been told about the mistakes made in registering babies' names. Most misspelt, horribly documented with extra or missing consonants, vowels, or just plain butchered beyond recognition. Many just learnt to love their name as is and many changed it as soon as they could by deed poll.

However I learnt my name as Shaeeza, I spelt it that way, wrote it that way and knew myself as Shaeeza.  Imagine the shock to my tender self when a smart mouthed teacher told me my name was not spelt Shaeeza, but that it was actually supposed to be Shaiza. I didn't know who to be angry with, my parents for not teaching me the spelling on the birth certificate or the teacher (did I mention she had a smart mouth?) for pointing out my ignorance. My nine year old self was mortified as this was the first instance I actually dared to argue with a teacher. You'd think a child would know to how to spell her own name. So very reluctantly and very sulkily and not very happy at the prospect of changing my name, I began using Shaiza as my name. Part of my bone of contention with this rogue variant of my name was simple, people seemed to have a hard time pronouncing it correctly, making me more annoyed and sulky than ever, hence sticking to the Bibi, now they couldn't possibly mess that one up could they? Turns out they can.

Fast forward to my becoming an American citizen and while I considered dropping the Bibi from my name, I changed the spelling from that dreaded Shaiza to the much more friendlier Shaeeza. Although it can seem confusing, the three vowels in a row can be easily pronounced rather than the very confusing Shaiza. 
Sha  ee  za, see how easy? Now try Sha i za! Point proven.

In all my adventures with my name I have always wondered what the meaning of my name was. Finally a few weeks ago, my very best cousin in the world had her son find out the meaning for me. Turns out, the name Shaiza means ~ firm, raised, extreme, severe. I am beginning to think that I should have let sleeping names lie. But it is my name and depends on who you may ask, it suits me very well.
I am firm.
I am raised
I am extreme
I am severe
I am Shaeeza


  1. I'm thinking of taking the Bibi out of my name.

  2. Firmly rooted
    Raised strong!
    Extremely creative
    Severely selfless

    I'm totally on a roll right now. Loving all of your posts!