Thursday, September 23, 2010


So I kinda think that I belong somewhere. I belong with parents and siblings, being the oldest of 4 often comes with a great sense of belonging. I belong with my husband of 23 years. I belong with my 5 kids who either still love me or question their loyality. I belong with the Muslim community to some extent even though I've encountered more discrimination I'd imagined coming from Muslims. I belong with this school as teacher of my class. I belong even more to the other school and every time I go back there, it's as if we never left NYC.

I belong with Guyana although you'd probably have to pay me many, many millions of dollars to go back there to live. I belong with the migrants who came to America with a dollar and a dream. I belong with America the day I raised my hand and pledged allegiance to this country.

I belong with all the aides and CNA's and PCA's that make nurses' jobs a touch easier and less hectic since we are the grunts of the floor.

Yes, I have a great sense of belonging.

But will they let me belong?

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