Friday, June 17, 2011

Blogalicious blog tour 2

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The Book that inspires me the most.

I have read so many books that it is hard to choose the one that inspired me the most, as most if not all has left an impact of some sorts on me and my life. 
But every time I come back to "Little Women". I first read this when I was just ten years old and I have since read and re read many times over. All the versions, the combined one with "Good Wives" and the original that I had bought at a library sale for 25 cents. I wished I kept it, but left it behind when I came to America. 
I loved Marmee and her way with her girls.  I tried to see myself in the girls and as an older daughter, I was Meg. Patient in her love for her family and proud of who they were. 
Now I'm the Marmee and I have four girls. I see my girls in them and I try Marmee's influences when dealing with them in all their dramas, whether petty or not. I try to mirror her wisdom and beliefs . Mariam 21, is Amy, liking nice things and always primping. Sam 20 is Joe who likes a good romp around the world and what I call her"walks abroad", Nazeefah 16 and Dinah 12 are both parts of Meg and Beth combined. They like to be home and make everyone happy like Beth and patient and proud like Meg. They all have varying degrees of girlhood drama and long suffering teenaged angst. Which makes me wonder how would Marmee handle today's girls? So I channel her especially when they try my very last nerve and try to be calm and patient. I've had many a "fess up" time with the girls as I ask straight questions and even though I get the short version sometimes, Marmee helps me see through the gaps and read between the lines.
Although I have not yet achieved Marmeedom I am trying everyday with my "Little Women".


  1. Little Women is one of my favorite books also. What a wonderful book to call on in raising your lovely daughters. I hope you achieve Marmeedom - what bliss :)

  2. It is a task raising girls. I have a boy and girl and I do have to admit there are differences. I'm so glad mine are good kids but they will try your patience simply because they are self-absorbed sometimes. I need to re-read this myself and see what I can gain in strengthening my own resolve in raising my little woman because there are more challenges today.

  3. Hi Shaeeza - We had Little Women as a study book when I was about 10 years old - how I loved it. I've read and the sequels several times and loved watching 'Little Women' the TV serial. How wonderful that you have these beautiful little women of your own. Thank you for reminding me of the pleasure these characters brought in to my life :)

  4. What an excellent choice! Several months ago I was suffering from insomnia and Little Women was on tv so I watched it. Loved it! I have read the book...a long time ago and I was lukewarm toward it, but I think that perhaps I wasn't at a point in my life to fully appreciate it. I think it's time for a re-read! I assume that is a picture of your girls? Beautiful!

  5. How wonderful you are Shaeeza! I love your choice and your family and friends. Thank you for the wonderful post. Little Women is indeed a wonderful book.

  6. Aww, that is thee sweetest picture! I love how you relate each of your girls to one of the Little Women.

    I am delayed in making my rounds - but I have an award for you at my blog. :) (6/13 post)

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  7. I must confess - I ....never read Little Women. Maybe I need to. Thank you for the great post

  8. Love Little women and to have four little girls to raise is wonderful. I have a daughter who is all these women combined in her tiny little form and a son. It's one of my favorite books too.Thanks for sharing, am following you too.

  9. oh wow, now there's a book series. I was crushed when Beth died and when Jo cut off her locks. Thank you Shaeeza for the dose of inspiration and for joining the blog tour.
    Cheers - Dora

  10. Ah, yes, Little Women was such a classic. Me and the neighbor girls used to pretend we were the various characters. You have a beautiful bunch of "Little Women" too! As for me, I have two amazing sons. I am #9 on the blogger tour, and I'm glad I stopped by!

  11. Great post- here from the Blog Tour! What a fabulous book. I *loved* the movie with Winona Ryder and Christian Bale.