Friday, June 10, 2011

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Book-less World.
The topic for this blog is "World without Books". I can't begin to imagine a world without books. Our civilization started as such - no books. No books doesn't necessarily mean no knowledge or stories, in fact it means creative ways to get your message across. The passing down or on of knowledge is the single most important  duty we have to our civilization. In our future advancements, our writings might be considered primitive in all of its formats - digital or not.

Even if there are no books, there will be story telling, story acting, and story sharing. There might be a sense of community, since people like being together for story telling. At times reading a book can be selfish - just you and a book and your mind's eye. At other times, a joy in sharing - like when my eight year old son shares a funny part of his Tin tin  books with his older sisters. At some times, a favorite part of the day - when my kindergarten class gathers on the carpet every morning for story time. At times, a learning experience, when we sit at a table for a book club. (Now here I've digressed- I am supposed to be writing about a world without books and I prefer to write about books.)

The human mind is an amazing thing. It can supply endless ways of entertaining the body it's connected to. If there are no books, the stories, ideas and thoughts conjured in the mind will be enough to find a way to communicating it to others - hence the primitive paintings found in caves and on hillsides. (I bet they thought those drawings were "state of the art"). The findings of scrolls and other primitive writings found on stones and rocks tell of a desire to be read and to be read to.

Given a choice I would much rather live in a world of books rather than one without.

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  1. We can't stop ourselves from writing about them, when we're supposed to write about how it would be without them :) Shaeezabad? That's a wonderful idea....I'm a resident! :)

  2. You bring up a good point about still having storytelling without books (and the sense of community that comes with that). I hadn't thought about that side of things.

    But I agree, I would rather have them, then not.

  3. Thanks Corinne, welcome, hope it's pleasant here :)
    @ Wosushi, books every time. I prefer books to live people sometimes :)

  4. Hey Shaeeza. Indeed, the human mind and all it brings is a wonderful thing. Thank you for participating.
    Cheers - Dora

  5. I remember aja and aji with that sense of storytelling that connects generation of people.My dad with his hadith every sunday after fajr is a wonderful idea.Without books my daughter saahirah said it would be boring and unadventerous!

  6. Lovely blog! Interesting concept...I am right home my name begins with a B!

    And you are right the human mind is amazing!

    I am glad I hopped by on the Blog-A-Licious Tour!

  7. Love your idea of ending with a word that starts with b!
    I also like your statement about how the mind will entertain us. When I cannot read, say riding in a car, my mind will often create its own stories in the form of daydreams. Great post! Glad to be on the Blog-A-Licious Tour with you.

  8. Shaeeza - I am sure we would have found other ways to entertain ourselves - but books - oh books - what a thing it is : ) Loved being here...

  9. Thank yo Shaeeza. It seems that we had the same idea. I love my books but am sure I can entertain others and be entertained with spoken words. :) glad you are on this tour. Good to discover a new blogger.

  10. As a writer, have you ever thought of how a book signing would go if there were no books? Like, would it be that you have one of those thingies that's use in the checkout line to confirm a purchase? I still haven't mastered my signature using that format.

  11. Shaeeza,

    Book are the greatest thing ever invented...
    Loved your post....
    Here is my link to A World Without Books
    Finding One's Way

  12. Awesome post, Shaeeza!!

  13. That's so funny, we were at the movies and saw a Tin Tin poster and my daughter's friend said it's also a book. I'd never heard of it. Great post! Happy to be on the tour with you!

  14. Excellent point - the fact is, we'll carve on rocks to tell a story. Cuz we have!

  15. So glad you're on the tour. A really cool take on the matter. It's enlightening to think about how many styles of books there have been throughout time. Thanks for sharing, have a great day! ~Janet~ JLB Creatives

  16. The human brain is ever resilient! I am sure that stories wouldn't cease if there were no books, but I don't want to risk it! LOL I do love books and I am so very glad that they exist in my lifetime.

    Found your blog on the tour (which is awesome by the way).


  17. Humans have always had a need for stories, whether their own true ones or whims of fancy. All printed books (paper or digital) do is make it easier to hear the tales. I'm with you. Give me a world with books in it.

  18. I remember one day when my mother was screaming at the top of her lungs. She was hitting my father with something, a chair maybe...and he laughed, a cruel gutteral sound that made me shiver. They hated each other, and the fact that there were six children witnessing the meltdown of their toxic relationship didn't play a part in the horror that our homelife had become. If I hadn't had books to retreat into, what would have happened to me? I shudder to think...