Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bee Sting

Show of hands all those who have read "The Story of Ferdinand" by Munro Leaf. Great! Those of you who haven't read it as yet - please put it on your "To Be Read" list. Quite a story.

For the sake of keeping my readership, the story is a sweet tale of a bull who was quite content to sit and smell the flowers in his pasture. One day when the bullfighters came to choose bulls for the next bullfight, Ferdinand just happened to sit on a bee. How Ferdinand roared and performed! The men thought that they had found the most fearsome bull and took him away for the next bull fight. In the interest of protecting people who don't like when they are given spoilers for a book, I won't tell how the story ends.

Why am I writing about this? Well I was quite content like Ferdinand and liked doing my own thing, just like Ferdinand. Only I didn't smell the flowers all day. My forte was just happy being the person I was. But was I really happy or even satisfied?

I just turned 40 something, and for some time now have been peering into greener pastures.

I had been teaching for some years now and really looked at my life and decided that there was something else out there for me to do, so I decided to become a nurse.

 I started from the bottom, did a CNA course and started working in the hospital - no bee sting yet.

My husband got into a terrible car crash and then I broke my arm - no bee sting yet.

Went through some really tough times with kids and other such - no bee sting yet.

I wrote a bunch of stories for kids and actually self published one - no bee sting yet.

Then I looked at my self in the mirror - the bee is buzzing.

Realization sinking in that I'm at high risk for diabetes - the bee is getting uncomfortably close.

Factor in that I already have hypertension with an apple of a body - the bee is coming in with deadly aim.

Given a challenge to lose the weight by someone who we will call my muse - BEE STING!!

Now I've started my "lose some weight " plan, not a real organised plan, but a plan - more than what I had a year ago.

- Watch portion size - now only eating what I would give Danyal my 8 year old.
- put that Pilates DVD to some work and gain some return on my purchase
-walk up and down the rolling hills surrounding my home in upstate NY
- make some sort of connection with the Wii fit sitting in the family room
- join the kids in doing "Just Dance" instead of laughing at them

A plan of sorts.
Keep checking back for updates as this is sure to get very interesting real fast.

A number of things have the possibility of happening:
a. Shaeeza continues through this summer and makes her doctor very happy
b. She runs out of steam and returns to smelling flowers like Ferdinand (oops, sorry)
c. She ends up actually gaining more weight as is her luck
d. none of the above

Let me ask you this - what will make your bee sting? For those who haven't yet read the book, what are you waiting for? A bee sting?


  1. Shaeeza...You are such a great writer! I miss talking to you everyday! You have such a great view on life....I love reading your blog...say high to your family from me. Cian greatly misses Danyal!


  3. I've had my own bee sting a while ago... I don't think it's really stung me bad though. Have at it... a little success never came without some hard work... not like I have to tell you anything about hard work :)