Friday, July 15, 2011

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How to stay worry free

Welcome to another blogalicious blog tour compliments of Dora and all the other wonderful bloggers. You've just come over from Roy and his unique way of putting things. Stay a while here, browse and then head on over to Ryder. Hope you had fun and gained some insight on "How to stay worry free".

Usually when I have to write about a specific topic, I like to get opinions from various people, namely the members of my family. How to stay worry free is this week's topic and it can be akin to finding the holy grail for some if not everyone. 
Here are the responses I got after some weird looks, raised eyebrows and gestures that mean "are you crazy?"

My husband aged 49 - pray and remembering God
Mariam aged 21 - yoya after crying about it
Samirah aged 20 - have someone to talk to about it
Nazeefah aged 16 - listen to music
Dinah aged 13 - I don't know
Danyal aged 8 - I don't worry
Me aged (never mind) - don't sweat the small stuff

Worrying is relative according to my family. Depending on the age, lifestyle, and emotional level of the person, everyone has a different view on worrying and how to stay worry free. I have learnt a long time ago and many parents would have done the same as I, to ask myself this question when faced with a dilemma "Will this still bother me tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, five years from now, ten years from now?" and deal with the situation as such.

Many times, the situation can be dealt with as needed, others you need a bouncing wall to get your thoughts together, sometimes, you actually need someone else to put things into perspective. Still with others, music, a movie, a good night's sleep or even a tub of ice cream seems to do the trick.

I have a question though, do we really want to be worry free? Without worry, will we be able to plan for our very near or even distant future? Will we be able to think ahead and make provisions for our safety? Turns out I have more than one question. Worrying whether it's about our health, wealth, children, spouse, home, cars, religion, politics, education is an essential part of our make up. When it not too much, such as borderline neurosis  worrying can help keep us sane!


  1. Of course the 8-year-old has the best answer! It's so true what they say about how youth is wasted on the young because they don't have the worry-experience to appreciate those worry-free ages :)

  2. so true Shelley, thanks for visiting :)

  3. I'm not gonna worry about my worrying I'll just worry, that way I'm not worried about it. :D

  4. Worry is good and Worry is bad. When I don't have anything to write, I worry. And, when I do have something to write, I worry thinking whether it is good enough? no escaping worry, but just think positive.Nice post Shaeeza.

  5. the best cure is to be a eight year old works for me. great post thank you for being on the tour god bless

  6. Yep, the 8 year old got it right. What is the point? It will happen whether we worry or not.