Friday, May 27, 2011

Bones covered with fur

Our family is a cat loving one. When I was a child, there was almost always a cat in our home. My Aja always had cats surrounding him, you will see cats featured in my book The Rice Bag Hammock. We were always taught kindness to animals. My little sister was especially soft where animals were concerned.
My husband and kids are no exception. When he lived in Brooklyn with his mom, he tried to adopt a cat, but had to return it to the shelter because his mom couldn't tolerate it. He was devastated and heartbroken.

Fast forward to eight years ago, we had five kids and felt the need for a cat (new roommates - the horrible nasty creatures - mice). So we traipsed all the way to the North shore animal league in Long Island to adopt our very first- Kitty. you know, I've had five children and not once was I asked to supply three references before I could take a kid home. The nice people there made us wait until they contacted all three references!! Kitty was spoiled and loved, and nurtured. She cleansed our cramped apartment of mice. That summer, our home was ours again.

Now we have 3 cats, Kitty, Kit and Pumpkin. Now kitty is keeping moles and mice at bay in our yard and neighbors'

But what about "bones covered with fur"? you may ask.

It's happening as I write. This past week, my husband sitting out on out deck, noticed a small stray and mentioned it to our first- Mariam. They saw her on and off in the following days.

Two evenings ago, the kids were outside doing something I was paying no mind to. I was to soon find out.
"Mommy come see something"
"you need to be here"
I ignored them. (nobody was bleeding - mothers have an innate sense of when something is wrong with their kids, and this occasion was not one of them or it just could have been from their tone of voice)
Next thing I know, bowls were been filled with food, milk and water and the sounds of
"ohhh, it's so cute"
"It likes Kit"
"Kit is the mother figure"
"It's gray all over"

I started paying mind.
"No more cats!!"
"Three is enough"
"more poop in the litter box"
"Kitty will become even more crazy"
Did I mention that Kitty is very territorial and doesn't like the other two cats we do already have?

Nazeefah comes in.

"Mommy, it just bones covered with fur"

"Mommy come see"

I debated, delayed and disputed.

The cat was meowing. More food, milk and water.
I got up to see.

They were right, the poor scrawny thing was just bones covered with fur. It looked hungry and unloved. Huge green eyes in its shallow face.

Rain was coming and it was now night. Dinah got a box filled with a towel (making sure it wasn't my best one).

We told them to leave it outside and to make sure it doesn't come into the house. We would take it to the shelter if it doesn't leave.

It stayed outside the slider with Kit on the other side watching it all night and the next day. Last night was a thunder storm with hail. Mariam placed the box under the eaves with the coffee table over it, so it could be dry. The poor thing spent the night out again. It meowed all night long.

Come this morning, it's still out there, now wanting to come in. Sorry cat.

Mariam took her to the shelter this morning, but it was closed due to power outage. The woman told her that it was a Russian Blue and that they had no room. Fate you say?

So Mariam give it a flea bath (no fleas) and brought her in. She is the most loving cat I've ever met. She sat on my lap as I checked email. She stayed curled up into a ball and slept as only cats could. She was probably trying to make me feel guilty for not wanting to have anything to do with her.

We told the kids that someone is probably looking for this cat and that they should make flyers and to find out around the neighborhood if anyone's missing a gray cat.

We spent this evening looking up Russian names for cats. Strong contenders are Kiska, Dior, Kitkat and Smudge.( I know not of all of them are Russian)

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  1. I vote for Kiska or Kitkat. Enjoyed reading this one :)