Saturday, August 27, 2011

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Thanks to Dora for another delightful blog a  licious tour. Please visit, sit for a while, leave a comment and then hop on to the next exciting blog. some have give a ways, others have pictures, all have something interesting to share. Enjoy!!

This week's topic is about - drum roll - "PEOPLE WHO TURN ME OFF!"

Now this list can be either pretty long or pretty short depending on my day. And we get days like that. 

Mostly I'm pretty easy going, ignoring the haters and living it up with the "happy people". I like good company as most people do and try to surround myself with such. There are times when I'd like to press a button and just get rid of the person who just plain fell off the rude wagon. 
I can't stand rudeness or rude people. There is such a thing as manners and being well brought up. I'm not saying you have to be starchy and stuffy - just have manners.
I teach Kindergarten in a private school and the first thing we do together is make up the class rules. They are very simple.
1. Always follow directions
2. Don't hurt anyone with words or body parts
3. Tell me only what you did
4. Use good words

It works very well. Sometimes I think people need to revisit their kindergarten days for a few moments, learn to share, hold hands, make sure your buddy is alright, use good manners and don't snitch.

Rudeness makes me bristle and turns me off!!


  1. Shaeeza, nice post. People are fast forgetting their etiquetts that they have to be sent back to school again.

  2. Absolutely agree, Shaeeza. I've got a long list of folks I'd like to send back to school - not sure they'd be welcomed though ;)

    Here's my link:

  3. Sounds like common sense to me. Great to share the tour with you. New follower

  4. I totally agree that how you answer depends on what kind of day you're having! I'm trying to focus on how I react to others' actions because I am tired of letting rude people darken my whole mood/day.