Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I have a birthday coming up. What do I want for my birthday?
My kids behaving (well)
A clean kitchen (my kind of clean)
folded laundry ( I can wish can't I?)
no long hairs in the sink or bathroom floor ( is that too much?)
a foot massage with out asking (ahhh)
a leg massage (restless legs are a bummer)
breakfast (fiber less cereal or as Nazeefah calls it "petting zoo food for animals")
lunch ( not a tuna sandwich)
dinner ( grilled salmon sounds great)
quiet (In my dreams!! psst it's not too quiet in there either)
my husband walking (maybe next year's birthday)
3 cars that work well (I think we deserve more than just the ability to turn on)
a flourishing garden ( my green thumbs turn blue before touching poor unsuspecting innocent plants - if you would like to have plant put down , give it to Shaeeza.)

Now I could go on and on, but that would just make you realize how needy I am. So I'll stop. I'll let you know how many things happened on my birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday, Shaeeza! Happy Mother's Day, too! Great blog!

  2. Shadonna, thanks for the follow and the support. Happy mothers' day to you too. Off to follow you on tweeter.

  3. Hope you get all that for your birthday!!

    I would love that for Mother's day as well.

  4. Happy birthday! What if you receive one of the above, will you be happy on your birthday?

  5. Anthony and Jennifer thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I would be happy even if I get none of the things mentioned above, but I don't want flowers and gifts. My kids, husband and family do make me happy. I have a lot to be grateful for:)

  6. Nice to meet you, Shaeeza! And happy birthday, too. All I wanted this year was book royalties and iTunes Gift Cards. So I released a short story, people bought it, I got the royalties, and I bought... iTunes Gift Cards. Not a bad birthday, if I do say so myself.

    Hope yours is BETTER. (After all, no one bought me cake!)

  7. thanks,
    hopefully your book royalties become larger. Your blog is a great idea for many reasons.
    let's have virtual birthday cake, my favorite kind is Guyana fruit cake (not the fruitcake of America) what's yours?

  8. Happy Birthday! I sooo love your list! Hope you get your wishes and have a good mothers day.

  9. thank you... I think they're secretly planning something :)